Eastertide Reflections

The fifty days of Easter are a time of celebration and reflection. As the light through the stained glass windows illuminates each of us during worship, may the joy of the Easter season be reflected in our lives daily as we exult in Christ’s triumph over death. Each week during Easter, we will focus on one of the stained glass windows in the church and share a Scripture reflection from one of Trinity’s parishioners on this page.   

Our beautiful windows are priceless treasures that enhance our worship and common life, but they are in need of repair and preservation. In lieu of a capital campaign to address this issue, please give not from a mindset of scarcity but rather from one of abundance, setting aside a small gift each day in the Eastertide envelopes that were mailed to your home. When you are thankful for the presence of God and Trinity in our lives, place an offering of thanksgiving into the envelope. These little gifts of thanksgiving when added together will be like the drops of rain that gather together to form the raging river.

Please place your daily Eastertide gift to Trinity in the Eastertide envelope and return it to the church on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, to be blessed with other Easter gifts.

Eastertide Window Reflections